Children's Ministry

Welcome!  We are not just a Children's Ministry we are a Family Ministry!  

Training up a child in the Lord is not something we take lightly.  Realizing that we impact your child(ren) for a small part of their week, we want to support you as parents who impact the lives of their children deeply.  We do that through solid Biblical Teaching, Ministry opportunities, & Family Fun Events!

Vision:  TRAIN up a child to a deeper relationship in Christ!

Mission: We exist to partner with parents as we Teach, Raise up, Accept, Invest, & Nurture a child!

  • New Hope Station (Nursery & PReschool)

    Train Stations and train rides can be amazing adventures as a child.  At New Hope Station, you will find yourself on such an adventure.

    As you arrive at the New Hope Station ticket booth you will be greeted by our ticket staff.  Using the keyboard & touch screen you will check-in.  A name tag ticket will be printed for your train ride and a tag for parents to pick you up after class.

    After you get your ticket, you will walk through the station that will lead you to one of the trains (hallways). All trains run during both services:  9am & 10:30am.

    Current Station Stops: Central Zoo (Nursery), Central Park (Preschool)

  • 2018 Parental Consent Form

    Throughout the year, we have trips to camp, conferences, activities, etc.  Each year, we ask that parents/guardians fill out a consent form that covers any of those events for the year.  Just FYI ... There are some events sponsored by another organization that do require a separate permission form.  Click here to fill out form online or forms may be picked up at any Check-in station. 

  • SUNDAY Mornings

    The Station (Elementary)

    CUrrent Series:  When I Grow Up ...

    Each Sunday morning, during 9am service, we have our connect groups for K-2nd & 3rd-5th graders in their own classes.  Then the Station opens up at 10 am in the gym!  The Station offers 5 Bays to choose from each week.  You may find the Sand Bay, Lego Bay, Hot Wheels Bay, Castle/Pet Store Bay, or many more.  At 10:30 am, the Station is open for business!  We have worship, communion, offering, story telling, and connect groups for K-2nd & 3rd-5th grade.  Stop in Today!

  • Sunday Nights (6-7:30pm)

    Block Party (Elementary)  

    Each Sunday Night the party is on!  K-5th Graders join us as we travel Route 66 learning about the books of the Bible.  Everyone gets to sit at one of our umbrella patio tables & buzz in when they know the answer.  Each table teams up to complete the activities each week.  Find us in Room 104!  We're going to rock the block!