Children's Ministry

Welcome!  We are not just a Children's Ministry we are a Family Ministry!  

Training up a child in the Lord is not something we take lightly.  Realizing that we impact your child(ren) for a small part of their week, we want to support you as parents who impact the lives of their children deeply.  We do that through solid Biblical Teaching, Ministry opportunities, & Family Fun Events!

Vision:  TRAIN up a child to a deeper relationship in Christ!

Mission: We exist to partner with parents as we Teach, Raise up, Accept, Invest, & Nurture a child!

  • New Hope Station Experience

    Train Stations and train rides can be amazing adventures as a child.  At New Hope Station, you will find yourself on such an adventure.

    As you arrive at the New Hope Station ticket booth you will be greeted by our ticket staff.  Using the keyboard & touch screen you will check-in and a name tag ticket will be printed for your train ride.  A 2nd check-in station is available in the Elementary area inside the gym.

    After you get your ticket, you will walk through the station that will lead you to one of the trains (hallways).  All trains run during all AM & PM services:  9am, 10:30am, & 6pm.

    Current Station Stops: Central Zoo (Nursery), Central Park (Preschool), Uptown (Elementary)

  • 2017 Parental Consent Form

    Throughout the year, we have trips to camp, conferences, activities, etc.  Each year, we ask that parents/guardians fill out a consent form that covers any of those events for the year.  There are some events sponsored by another organization that requires a separate permission form.  Click here to fill out form online or forms may be picked up at any Check-in station. 

  • UPTOWN - Sunday Mornings (10:30am)

    There are things we think we can beat but sometimes they end up beating us.  Our Attitudes are one of those things.  Just when we think we have it under control, it rears it's ugly, fire breathing head.  Join us as we learn How To Train Your Attitude the right way!  

  • Uptown Express - A sunday night adventure  (6-7:30pm)

    Each Sunday Night the adventure begins!  Our current adventure is The Great Escape.  Ever been in a jam?  We've all been there looking for a way out.  Join us as we see how God helps people of the Bible Out of their own jams!

  • 80's Night: Volunteer Appreciation Night - 

    May 21st 5-6:30pm

    As the school year comes to an end, we want to honor all our volunteers that make our Children's Ministry what it is!  Come dressed in your best 80's outfit and party like it's 1989!  We will provide a meal & child care for this night with games and awards.  Please RSVP with Stacey by Sunday, May 14th.

  • Promotion Sunday - June 4th

    As the current school year comes to end, it is the first question we hear, "When do I move Up?"  The answer is June 4th!  On this day, all elementary students will move up to the grade they will be this fall.  We will miss our new 6th Graders but welcome our new Kindergartners!