Hanging Rock Christian Assembly is located in West Lebanon, IN (Outside Danville, IL).  New Hope and many other Christian Church/Church of Christ churches in West Central Indiana/Central Illinois both support & guide the ministry that happens at Hanging Rock.  There are camps from Preschool to Adults & all points between.

Some of the available activities at Hanging Rock are: Rock Wall, Inflatables, Zip Line, Swimming, Volleyball, Bazooka Tag, 9 Square, Mini Golf, Horse Riding, and more.  Don't for the Canteen for all your snack & souvenir needs. 

Hanging Rocks Mission Statement is that it provides opportunities for churches, individuals, families, and communities to establish and strengthen their relationship with Christ.

2018 Camp Weeks

                                                                  Registration Price Deadlines                                         

June 17th-21st                   Sr High Paintball (9-13 Grade)                                                             $320
June 17th-22nd                  Jr High Main (7-8 Grade)                                                                      $275
June 22nd-23rd                  Fishing (1-4 Grade)                                                                                $50
June 23rd                           Super Saturday (1-2 Grade)  *Stacey Leader*                                    $50
June 24th-27th                   Jr High Paintball (7-8 Grade)                                                                $280
June 24th-29th                   Sr High Main (9-13 Grade)                                                                    $295
                                             Sr High Horse (9-13 Grade)                                                                  $320
June 30th-July 7th             Sr High Adventure (9-13 Grade)                                                           $325
July 1st                               Day Camp 2 (Prek-K)                                                                              $15
July 1st-3rd                         Middle School Paintball (5-6 Grade)                                                    $205
July 1st-5th                         Middle School Main (5-6 Grade)                                                           $245
July 6th-7th                         Grandparents & Me Main (1-6 Grade)                                                  $60
                                            College Age Wilderness (College Age)                                                 $80
July 8th-12th                      Jr High Wilderness (7-8 Grade)                                                             $195
                                            Jr High Horse (7-8 Grade)                                                                      $290
July 12th                            Upper Elementary Horse (3-4 Grade)                                                    $95
July 13th-14th                    Early Elementary Main (1-2 Grade)                                                       $60
July 15th-18th                    Upper Elementary Main (3-4 Grade)                                                     $190
                                            Middle School Horse (5-6 Grade)                                                          $250
                                            Middle School Wilderness (5-6 Grade) *Stacey Leader*                    $165
July 19th-21st                    Mother/Daughter Main (1-6 Grade)                                                      $85
                                            Upper Elementary Wilderness (3-4 Grade)                                          $95
July 22nd-26th                   Jr High Sports (5-8 Grade)                                                                     $270
July 27th-29th                    Joy Camp (All Ages)                                                                               $150
Aug 31st-Sept 3rd             Family Camp (All Ages)


Pre K-5th Grade: Church pays 50% of registration fee for 1 camp per child

6th-13th Grade:  Church pays $100 of registration fee for 1 camp per child

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